Once more into the abyss of the time beyond.

Since Sarai died, a little over a year ago, I’ve been working on this website, hardly constantly, but here we are. She left behind a lot of poems, many, perhaps most, not seen by anyone but herself until I started going through her hard drive. She didn’t publish much, perhaps not having a temperament for self-promotion, though she self-published a number of chapbooks in limited quantities, folding and stapling by hand. Most of these chapbooks are on this site already, including one, Autumn Comes (PDF), that just went up this week.

As for the rest, all the unpublished poems, I’ve been worrying how to handle them. At first I was going through them, posting a few on the blog portion of this website. A friend, a former professor friend to both of us, suggested I should collect the best into a book, some sort of curatorial process towards an Opus Posthumous. The problem with that is that though I know these poems are not all of equal quality or interest–they couldn’t be–I find for the most part I fail at viewing them critically. So in lieu of editing and arranging my current plan is to post almost everything in the Chronology section I’ve added to this site. Getting that done will take a while; afterwards perhaps I, or someone, can think about something else.

I wish I could say I’m doing this for her, a nice thought, as though she could care now: as I’ve said before, my main reason for doing this is so that I have her poems available to me wherever I am, and secondarily so that someone else might appreciate them as well.