Who I Am:

A plain girl
from the country,
blessed or cursed,
depending on your view,
with a strong body,
an able back, which has doomed me
to carrying my own boxes
and other heavy burdens
by myself.

A nester by nature
who finds life
in daily chores
and simple tasks.

Reflective, they say,
I would feel immodest doing so.
I would call it quiet,
perhaps on my high-toned days,
contemplative, a town word
to be sure.

The first unlanded generation
in a long line of farmers,
whose favorite color
has always been green.

I would like to live
in a house with a porch
around three sides of it,
gallery they used to call it,
before that word moved to town too,
and became the domain of artists
rather than women
shelling peas.

on the porch

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