We Got The Blues

We’ve got the blues,
somethin’ we forgot we knew.
We’ve got the blues, tryin’ to say its name
in the ache at the back of the brain.

We’ve got the blues my body, my soul
we got the blues from bein’ unused
unseen, too still.
We got the blues from all the tight places
life circles itself around in.

We got the blues, shudderin’
down the outside of both arms,
the heart constricting, each pulsation
a petty pain too small to name.
We’ve got the blues.

We got the blues from unnecessary complexity
over things we don’t even care about,
tedium piled up in a lump called don’t feel right.
We got the blues from motor vehicles
and bank codes gone dry.

We got the blues from too many friends left town
and all the wrong people rememberin’ to call,
my body, my soul, my everlastin’ mind
we got the blues, the lot of us
and me.

We got the blues from hormones’ ambivalence
and kids and men. We got the blues
from life lived with too much tryin’
and times suffered with that insidious
silent kind of lyin’.

We got the blues from tryin’ to create essence
in an existence of cigarettes and caffeine
and chocolate candy.

We got the blues, I’m tryin’ to tell you,
down low in the back, at the bends of the knees,
in the wrinkles formin’ around the eyes.
We got the blues, a week’s worth of it,
repeatin’ itself at will.

We got the blues ’cause men get wives
and wives get laundry.
We got the blues ’cause kids last longer
than love and debt is all that’s eternal.
We got the blues.

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