Here is the beginning of Sarai Austin as a poet. We lived together for 27 years, and I’m still surprised by what I’m finding on her hard drive. It’s remarkable, and a gift I couldn’t have expected, more than I deserve, and I’m grateful.

The oldest poems are in a folder called 1970s poems. Most are dated, some aren’t. These are all from before we were together, before we even met. The oldest dated poems are from 1975. Her most productive month in the 70s, according to the dates, was June, 1976. These poems aren’t equally wonderful; they couldn’t be, there are so many; and she was just starting out. I may not be doing her a favor by not editing, just putting them out in order, but they all have something, I hope not just for me.

June, 1976
After June
1970s, undated and miscellaneous