She went out
in a pink sundress
on a rainy night,
prepared to love,
wild with love,
crazed with dreaming
of love and escape
to a better, brighter

She was a fuck
and didn’t know it,
she was an easy lay,
his prey.
He said he loved her,
she believed his words,
not realizing
it was her body
she felt.

She wore a cross
around her neck,
laughing like a child
into the night,
excited to love.

He tossed her body down
into the ravine, and
that is where they
found it.

She went out into
the rainy night
in a pink sundress,
concerned for her appearance
that her hair –
and dress be just right,
believing, as women do,
some dress will work
the magic needed.

Betrayed, not by her instincts
but by his lies
and greed,
and cowardice.

She believed his words,
a fatal error,
dirt and leaves gathering
on the pink dress.
She believed as women do,
never knowing until too late
that they are a fuck,
an easy lay,
someone’s prey.