(not in jrnl)

Waiting to see
if I have email,
I think about when
we had the patience
for a hyphen in the word.
No wonder we kill each other,
can’t cope with differing views.
I won’t bother saying it’s crazy,
it clearly doesn’t need to be said.
A disjointed day, the plumber
wants to come a day early,
but after I hurry to clean out the cupboards
where the faucets will go,
and clean the floor where the toilet
will sit, he doesn’t call back.
Now the bed is covered with displaced
towels, so I can’t sit there to write,
relocated cleaning products on the washer
preclude laundry.
I’m too tired to rake leaves, too sleepy
to sew the pillows I meant to sew today.
I listen to afternoon jazz, it makes me slow
down, gives me plenty of time for a hyphen
in e-mail.