The unplanted lavender
rides low in the pot,
its black plastic container
slipped inside the ceramic
one for trial.
I feel better about
life since I pushed
the daisies beside
the geraniums,
and clustered the
lavender with the
other pots.
The leggy geraniums
nagged me
with a sense of futility,
a compromise to what
is willing to grow here,
but even that is failing
and it’s spring still.
I should be optimistic.
Today I am a little
more so,
will try again
with the marguerite,
the lavender,
my favorite geranium-
a perky pink,
will try again
with a new bag of dirt,
the big one that’s hard
to lift,
will try again
with this year’s basil,
extra pots of mint,
the gone-to-seed cilantro
relieved of duty –
and the chives.
We’ll have new
chives this year,
we’ll try again.