She said perfume. She said confusion. She said clothes don’t fit. She said I do not know anymore. She said I am living in a foreign country. She said take me home. She said I may change my mind. She said I am afraid it will rain. She said I am going to faint. She said I am going to bleed to death, in fact not metaphor. She said this will pass in a few days.

She said bowed legs and brain damage. She said genes and culture. She said too much gesture. She said too many words. She said they should be friends. They made love. They drank cheap coffee and old wine. They talked too much. They did not know any better. They did not know anything else. They did not know anything.

He called her from another bar. It was midnight again. He said he was madly in love. She said with what? He said with painters and poets. She said I’ve been there too. She said it’s your game now. He said he would call from the midway if he had a dime. She said she would answer if she had time.

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