The guy in the red t-shirt,
who has been training new people
this week,
is on the brink of getting published.
One of his three novels.
His life is suddenly a flurry
of phone calls, faxes, Fed-Exes,
unexpected trips to L.A. after work.
I eavesdrop into his excitement,
everyone’s conjecture
about his impending fame.
His good fortune has made my day.
I want to go congratulate him,
but it would probably be rude.
I saw a woman on tv
who held her thumb and forefinger
an eighth of an inch apart –
and said the thing she’s learned
is that we’re always just that close
to accident or injury or death.
Just that close –
And just as close I’d say
to some great news,
some minor miracle
that has eluded us so far.