Something good
about rain.
It makes me
feel okay inside.
Justified to be
at home.
Somehow right
to feel poetic.
Relieved of guilt
at what is going
In 120 days of rain
how might I transform
myself before the house
floated away.
Four months
guilt free,
who would I be?

The leaf bounces
from a drip
off the eaves,
without such
The cats
bathe each other.

Today it’s time
for another list.
What do I mean
to do, need
to do, want
to do.
I would be lying
to call it
an action plan.
More a map
to study ’cause
I am lost,
and can’t remember
what turn I took.
I can’t find
the place
I am looking
for ’cause
I don’t remember
where I lived.