I like to rock.
It does something
to the limbic
I can’t remember
what it is –
the limbic system,
I mean.
I am more into
a sublte, but
imporatnt difference.
The endrocine system,
for example, is a system
& how the hormones work
a process.
Structure is most
alien of all.
I learned the bones
because I had to,
& then fogot them
as quick as I
I learned the major
muscles too,
though the charts
made me sick
to look at (to see)
People throw those
words around,
delts & gluts
& hamstrings
& I am always
caught off guard.
Patting my body
down, trying
to remember
where they are.
I see the miracle
best in reading
how the cells
convert the word (our food)
in all our DNA
And what Ayurveda
calls ________
which means
the unexplainable.