10 a.m. at my desk,
the UPS man drops by
with my replacement kettle.
Someone has honored a warranty.
God bless Cuisinart
and their electric kettle,
which makes a cup of tea so fast
I do not get disrupted.
And their pans which cook
my kitchari while I work,
our food for both lunch
and dinner –
I am nothing if not efficient.
The pans he bought me as a gift
that made me know
we’d stay together.
Me buy pans, you my woman.
I love the Cuisinart
and have never regretted it.
It feels like another gift
when the tea kettle comes.
As though Cuisinart knows
it is a grace
which helps me work.
The UPS driver who brings it
will be my company for the day.
That’s okay, it’s all I need,
I have tea.