desk, chair, shelves, 2 file cabinets – one of them 3 drawers of journals kept since 1990s

back support pillow with vintage fabric cover I loved
lap desk I used every day
“Community of Words”
P&W Directory of Poets & Writers – last hard copy edition
(Sherley Ann Williams who died listed that year, and Sarai
Printer, travel printer
video camera, digital video camera
2 cameras
“my poet’s heart” & “my woman’s heart”
collage over desk
art pieces I did
all my notebooks – house, garden, all the fliers of all the readings I ever did, all the publications I was ever in, clips of publications
all the photos of me, not family photos, but Sarai Austin, poet –
proof that I was ever someone other than the gray-haired woman I am today, who everyone keeps calling maam
all my files except insurance, etc.
Tibetan singing bowl, bell,