One last page in the journal,
how best to use it.
Not left over,
insufficient for tomorrow.
I hate a day split between
two books.
But live with it when I must.
I’m reasonable that way,
and my life that imperfect.
My friend always said it’s hard
to get things to come out even.
My former brother-in-law the first
I heard ponder the dilemma
of hot dogs and buns.
That is passing and doesn’t concern me,
especially since I don’t eat meat.
I’m often troubled by things
in cupboards and drawers,
or closets and shelves.
The one object that just won’t fit.
That you need or want to keep.
My friend was usually talking
about bread and jam, or
something edible.
She was a realist, and rarely
cleaned cupboards and drawers.