My wonderfully organized Kitchen where everything had a precise spot:

Cupboard over frig:

set of 4 stainless steel canisters
white ? pot Scott & Laurie gave us
antique knives with bone handles
the last pieces of my mother’s china – platter, gravy boat
travel tea pot and bag
travel salt shaker
travel cutting sheet
travel knife
bottle opener
clip on utility lamp
light bulbs
the box of broken dishes I was going to use to make a mosaic

Cupboard over dish drain:

cut glass candle holders JoAnn gave me
glass candle holders Karen A. gave me
2 glass candle holders
4 glass candle holders from Pottery Barn I bought last year
2 olive bowls
tea bag holder Jana gave me in grade school
glass butter dish
non vintage refrigerator ware – 2 rectangular, 4 small squares, 1 large square
Richard’s mother’s candy dishes with sterling bases

Cupboard over counter next to stove:
cut glass sugar bowl Jana gave me when she was in grade school
leaded crystal serving bowl JoAnn gave me

Cookbooks –
Rosicrucian Cookbook I’ve had since the 1970s
Indian cookbook
Dr. Lad’s cookbook
Morningstar cookbook
the vegetarian cookboook with beautful photos
White trash cookbook
cooking with flowers
my recipe notebooks my Ayurveda notebooks

green glass salt & pepper shakers from Pottery Barn that I really liked

stainless steel Indian stacking/container one of the greatest things ever made
stainless steel Indian spice container
spice shelf and spices
Cuisinart electric tea kettle – brand new
toaster – brand new
blender – almost brand new
hand thrown teal pitcher with lid I bought for $1 @artist’s estate sale
Martha Stewart green trivet
stainless steel dish drain & utensil basket
sink pad
my wonderful green glass dish to hold my dish sponge
green glass parmesan shaker used for baking soda (as cleanser)
soap dispenser
electric can opener
electric coffee grinder
French snap lid jars
2 large
medium – coconut, raisins, nuts, crackers, pasta
green glass Italian jar for pepper leaf
stainless steel utensil holder on stove
My most beloved utensils:
my stainless steel spoon my sister brought back from Japan in the 1970s
spatula ”
spatula like the one my high scool friend’s mother had that I liked so much
my great MS rubber scrapers
wooden rice paddles I’ve had for ages
stainless tongs
stainless MS spoon with holes,
set of 3 mini colendars
set of 3 mini strainers
5 large jars – oatmeal, basmati, mung, red lentil, beans
my 2 small colendars, 1 with the just right size holes for washing basmati and mung beans

my 3 great MS timers
the 3 little vases we bought Richard’s mother that he brought back from her house

Cupboard under counter:

my beloved Cuisinart pans –
large soup pan with lid large skillet
small skillet
large sauce pan with lid
medium sauce pan with lid
small sauce pan
muffin pan
cake pans
flour sifter
souffle dish I could care less about
cookie press
my new steamer pot
asparagus steamer
artichoke steamer
ceramic flower pot serving dish
flour sifter
all my vintage refrigerator ware which I loved –
1 large square
2 rectangular ones
my wonderful 1 handle coldendar
my great new cheese grater

measuring cups, measuring spoons (2 each, 1 for travel, plus interesting shaped measuring spoons)
some vintage kitchen utensils

Drawer: vintage ice cream scoop, egg beater I’ve had since the 60s, tea ball, 2 tea infusion spoons, garlic press, nut cracker,
funnel, my new red knife with a cover, and the green one for travel, my great new red vegetable peeler, vegetable peeler, pizza slicer, stainless server, stainless gravy spoon

my mother’s black vase
all my vases
all my napkins
cookie sheet
carnival ware bowls and plates
carnival ware serving bowls
Service for 12 MS hydrangea dishes with every piece made –
3 large serving bowls, platter, 4 cereal bowls, salt & pepper, creamer, sugar bowl, butter dish, pitcher, teapot
green MS glasses – short, tall, stem
green stem glasses
the little green glass salt & peppers from Pottery Barn I loved
4 stainless steel bowls, set of stainless steel nesting bowls
green MS measuring cup
glass MS storage bowls with green lids
glass MS storage bowls(rectangular) with green lids long and square MS green glass casseroles
green glass MS round covered casserole dish
green glass MS bread pan
green glass MS pie pan
3 green glass MS mixing bowls with lids
antique cut glass round covered buttered dish
service for 6 china fruit pattern

Richard’s mother’s china


tall glass rectangular vase
short ”
Mikasa fluted vase with colors, gift from Debbie
small cut glass vase from JoAnn
tall cut glass vase from JoAnn
ceramic pitcher
small turquoise vase I really like
green glass vase
my mother’s black urn like vase
glass vase for sprouting bulbs
green glass jar/vase

2 sets of green glass jars for vingegar and oil