clothes –
antique green velvet dress = the most exquisite fabric ever made
antique black velvet skirt with silver sequins
long straight black velvet skirt
AT black velvet skirt
ATL black velvet skirt – never worn
ATL white linen skirt with embroidery
ATL silk skirt with tangerine and green print
My very favorite Ann Taylor skirt off white floral print
ATL jean skirt
ATL jean skirt
ATL hot pink rose cotton skirt
ATL green paisley wool skirt with two wide ruffles, that I really liked
AT beige linen skirt never worn
AT olive linen skirt
AT olive raw silk top never worn
AT brown paisley silk blouse
ATL brown rayon long sleeve
ATL brown rayon sleeveless
AT coral silk sleeveless top
AT brown silk sleeves top
AT brown 3/4 sleeve top
AT off white silk sleeveless top
AT off white silk/cotton top
AT bright coral silk/cotton sleeveless top

tank tops
all my socks
my 4 Anthopologie leggings, especially my brown ones

all my tights

AT off white silk blazer
green silk blazer
AT denim jacket
suede jacket
long teal coat

All the boxes which sat on my closet shelf were co-ordinated and looked pleasing together, including my floral sewing basket.

Hatbox with hats –
my favorite brown beret
black velvet beret
russet ’40s hat my old neighbor Kathy gave me
brown vintage 40s hat
straw hat with silk head band made especially for it

Scarf basket with scarves: green silk
animal print silk
hibiscus print silk
black/floral velvet
brown velvet
brown with green velvet roses
black velvet shawl


brown vintage ’40s purse I just bought in Monterey in perfect condition
red Ralph Lauren purse
beige Ralph Lauren purse
beige clutch purse (can’t remember name of fabric)
Tommy Bahama palm tapestry purse never used
big brown leather purse -very soft, nice leather

the last of my purely historical clothes – velvet patchwork skirt, black velvet skirt and top, blalck velvet beaded vest, black feather fan

In the good will box by the door – green silk blouse, 4 pair jeans,