Same as it ever was….
My new common phrase becomes I have trouble with that on a good day.” It applies to dealing with Social Security forms, food stamp forms but mostly
I am good at the essential things and have never much been one to suffer fools. And the world is fairly lousy with fools. I am even less disposed to do so now.
Marting Luther King said we cannot all be famous but we can all be great, a crisis provides an opportunity to access your own small greatness and I am grateful for that. I wish it was where we lived more often, not in crisis, but in our own small greatness, instead of the trivial and life wasting.
People do not understand how much becomes extraneous. People do not seem to understand much of anything. For me this is the hardest part, having to deal with what jackasses people can be. How they insinuate themselves into your situation, insisting on telling you things you don’t need to know, when distraction, the inability to stay focused literally puts you in peril. I’m staggered, over and over again, how self-centered people are. And begin telling people I don’t want to listen to them talk, but I can’t and don’t really say it enough. When I say to the news reporter who is chatting up my husband that I don’t want to listen to her talk, telling the photographer he can stay and quietly photograph, because I now have a real soft spot in my heart for these guys, but I want her to leave, she looks at me as though I have kicked her infant across the room, stunned someone should say it to her. And the look she gives me is the biggest assault of all.