Rancho Bernardo not Ruwanda –
We’re so far down the list of bad things that happen to people, considering the lives so many people are forced to live. I say that not in any pollyanna kind of way, but as an objective fact. This is not that bad. Things being what they are, it could not be better and you feel very grateful for that. The parking lot at the disaster center is full of newer cars, the grass is green, everything is clean and well-organized and easy to maneuver through. There are sack lunches with apples, snacks, and sandwiches – ham so a vegetarian is out to dry but then a vegetarian often is. I had crunchy cheetos, which I had not had in years and thoroughly enjoyed them, sitting at a shady picnic table with a cool breeze having a respite before the next phase of the process, filing a claim with State Farm.