An incomplete and unorganized list
Living Room:

green t.v. cabinet
blankets – R’s Brown’s blanket,
hand crocheted afghan his sister made
antique quilt his great grandmother made
antique crock with palm sticks
basket from neighbor Margaret of Margaret’s cleaners, before she died
green cigar can Jana gave me when she was a kid
2 wicker chairs
green sofa (white slipcover)
3 green ticking pillows from Pottery Barn that I loved
2 checked pillows I made, 2 Hibiscus print pillows
plaid wicker footstool
coffee table
tea box
green lamp
book shelves
antique chest:
(linens, mother’s silver, silver serving dish, silver candy dish,
kerosene lamp, Kikomann can with weeds, doily from R’s mother
white table cloth, blue & wht vintage tablecloth, teal & wht. tablecloth

wooden chandelier
2 wicker baskets
2 white wicker tables
# of books
cd player, tuner, turn table, tape player,
photo album cabinet
photo albums
small box shelf over it,
antique books,
grandmother’s dinner bell
antique map block print
2 mission bells
photograph – 2 titled CA Junkin, Lake photo “The Other Side”, photo of basket in Date House
3 large gourds I bought from the gourd man in Tn.
2 round gourds, 2 long gourds, 2 small gourds – from the Fallbrook gourd farm in the 1970s
Kumeyaay basket
Hopi bowl
the Torrey pines needle basket I made
small african basket
antique glass door knob (2 wooden spindles I picked up on a walk in 1970s, piece of tree from camping trips, jar of cotton from Mo.,
frog percussion instrument
gourd percussion instrument
click sticks
2 bamboo click sticks
hand turned wooden bowl with handle
” ” wooden bowl without handle
photo of my mother and her sisters
frame I really loved with photo of Jana
small photos of grandparents, mother’s family, mother’s sisters
hand made antique quilt I just bought for my birthday, perfect weight and size